Boddan Lodge

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Boddan Lodge is the glass fronted building next to the Monton Unitarian church hall. The land it resides on was leased by Monton Unitarian Church to the council over 50 years ago and the council built the structure known today as Boddan Lodge. The council has withdrawn from their lease and the physical structure is no longer viable or repairable, has been closed for safety reasons and is awaiting demolition. The church is beginning the process of consultation to find out from potential users what they would like from the new space. The church wants to construct a new multi-purpose and eco-friendly community building that retains all existing trees and is in keeping with the surrounding area.

Please scan the QR code displayed below or click the link to complete the survey electronically,

The deadline for electronic forms has been extended to Saturday 30th September in order to allow more time for further consultation to take place.

Results will be published as soon as possible after the deadline.

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Press Release Boddan Lodge Closure.